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Orthotics Add Yards to Your Golf Game FEET First

The biomechanics of a golf

A full round of golf is close to a 5 mile workout that can reduce stress and improve your cardiac health. Proper foot action is the sign of an accomplished golfer and has often been compared to complex dance steps. Therefore why are golfers’ foot injuries rarely addressed? Most golfers prefer to limp around the golf course or adjust their swing to compensate foot pain costing them valuable yards with every guarded swing.


The biomechanics of a golf swing go something like this:

During setup your weight should be evenly distributed on both feet with slightly more weight on the forefoot as you lean over, and slightly more weight on the insides of both feet. Maintaining proper foot alignment on the backswing is critical for control of the downswing and ball contact position. During the backswing weight should be shifted to your back foot and should be evenly distributed or maintained slightly on the inside. The downswing involves a rapid shift of weight from back to front foot; momentum brings the heel of the front foot down, and follow-through naturally causes a rolling of the back foot to the inside and the front foot to the outside.

As you can see healthy biomechanical sound feet are critical to a successful golf game!!

Custom orthotics allow a golfer’s body to establish better contact with the ground while executing their golf swing. Orthotics work to stabilize your feet, distributing weight evenly and correcting your entire posture. Research has shown that 71% of participants felt their balance was improved while using orthotics and playing golf. An impressive 50% felt they were hitting the ball harder and 38% reported a lower golf score while using orthotics

Research suggests that orthotics can help golfers improve balance, hit the ball harder and obtain a lower score.

not only allow your feet to function better but also can prevent and treat a variety of painful injuries such as painful knees, legs, feet and back pain which can affect your concentration and swing which ultimately hinders your handicap